Hello!  We would like to tell you about becoming a franchise owner.

Jay-J's will provide the franchisee all products, formulated ingredients and supplies. Franchisee may also use designated suppliers of Jay-J's according to the set of specifications.  An initial training program will be provided to the franchisee, management team and staff. The training fee is already included in the initial investment.  Aside from the National level promotions and advertising, Jay-J's will continue to do periodic visits by Area Managers to serve as coaches and ensure implementation of Jay-J's system and standards.
You can apply now to become one of our franchisees by filling up our application form below.

For further info, please read our frequently asked questions.

 What are the qualifications of a franchisee?                                                 

  1. Preferably with experience in food and retail business.                                
  2. Financial capability                                                                                     
  3. Has a good network in the trade area of the proposed store 
  4. Will dedicate time and has the infrastructure to manage the store

Can I apply for a franchise even if I don’t have a site or location?                 Yes! Once qualified as a franchisee, we can match available locations.

 Can a corporation apply for a franchise?                                                       Yes! But the major shareholder should be the representative of the franchise

 What is the floor area requirement?                                                             The required floor area ranges from 60 sqm to 120 sqm.

 How much investment is needed and what does this cover?

Franchising Jayjs franchisee fee for 5 yrs is 1.2m net of vat consist of complete initial support and assistance in setting up an outlet. Estimated capital investment ranges from P4 million to P5 million. This includes the franchise fee, store construction, equipment, furniture and fixtures, manpower hiring and training and pre-opening marketing activities. However, the investment cost varies based on the type of stores, the floor area and locations, i.e., Provincial areas, Greater Manila Area, Metro Manila and others. Jayj’s Express (limited menu) is also available for franchise at a lower cost.


How long is the expected return of investment?

Several factors determine ROI, including managing and maintaining projected sales by marketing and promoting the Brand in its Retail Trade Area and the ability of the franchisee to manage his operating expenses. As long as these factors are controlled properly, projected ROI will be achieved.


How long is the franchise term?

The franchise term for a Jay-J's Restaurant is five (5) years and renewable for another five (5) years.


Who looks for the location?

 Usually, the franchise applicant proposes the store location subject to our site assessment, analysis and approval. However, the company may also match sites for the approved franchise applicant.


Is there a standard store design?

 Yes, Jay-J's provides the standard store design, layout, equipment and facilities requirement.