About Us





We are a food company who wants to serve only the best food. Our company lives by the 4 M’s of the restaurant service:  

.  It all starts by establishing good relationship with our suppliers. In doing so, we are assured of fresh and quality ingredients. Our meats are from the cleanest farms and butchers in the country. Our fish and seafood are delivered to us on the daily straight from the fish port. The vegetables we use are freshly picked from the best farms in the land. Supplies pass through quality control once they are delivered to our commissary.
From there, our trained chefs prepare various recipes using only the best ingredients available. Our company takes pride with the team of experts whose only purpose is to maintain quality food as well as to develop new menus to satisfy the needs of our loyal customers.

We offer value-for-money food. Our company knows that our customers work hard for their money. If they are going to spend it, they want to spend it only on the best. We only serve the best so that customers get their money’s worth. Our food items are friendly on the pockets.

We put a lot of value in the cleanliness of our restaurants. Cleanliness starts with our employees. They are dressed right. They smell good. We make sure they practice good hygiene. Our restaurants go through our regular maintenance program to keep it clean and fresh. We know that a lot of people are picky about public bathrooms.It is for this reason why we make sure that we have the right procedures in place and the materials to perform this important task. Our staff is trained to perform opening and closing procedures to keep the premises spotless. All of these guarantee that you will have a wonderful dining experience with us.

Our passion drives us to train our employees to do their best. As customers, we know that you only deserve the best that we can offer. You deserve the best service from us. We provide our employees the best training to make your dining experience a beautiful one.


Family Food at Jay-j’s

We are inspired by the presence of our very own families at home. What better way to enjoy family than to have home cooked family food. For Filipinos, it is important that they get to spend meal times with their loved ones. It is this tradition that our company was built upon and we would like to pass it on to the generations to come. Homestyle Filipino food brings families together and closer. We know that every bite or sip becomes better if you are in the company of your family. Food tastes better with family. We give top quality food and the best service that you can find in the city.

Jay-j’s Profile

Jay-j’s Inasal is not just one of the best Inasal restaurants in the metro. It serves some of the best regional Filipino cuisines. It took owner Jay Mendoza and his team a few dozen trips all over the country to have a taste of the best that every region has to offer. But it all starts in the Western Visayas Region where the now famous grilled chicken dish started. The secret to this well loved dish is in the marinade. The local Ilonggo vinegar made from coconut forms the base. This is what gives Jay-j’s Inasal its’ distinct flavor. They mix it with a few secret herbs and spices and you have the best tasting chicken inasal. Another Ilonggo specialty, pancit molo makes its’ way to Jay-j’s menu. The Davao Region is well represented by another grilled Filipino specialty – grilled tuna. It comes in two variants, panga and belly. Cebu’s pride and joy, the Sinuglaw offers the perfect combination of grilled pork mixed with fresh tuna cubes. It is the Cebuanos take on everybody’s favorite beer match food the kinilaw. Make no mistake about it, it goes well with rice too. Bicolano cuisine is known for two things – coconut milk and chili peppers. And the two dishes that best represent these two ingredients are found in Jay-j’s expansive menu. These are Bicol express and Laing. For those hankering for some Ilocano cuisine, Jay-j’s has loads of it. Their version of Pinakbet is one that can instantly transport you to the old towns of the region in one bite. What is a Filipino restaurant without the presence of the cuisine of the country’s culinary capital, Pampanga? Jay-j’s has the Kapampangan versions of Filipino classics like Sisig, Kare-kare and Crispy Pata. Our regional approach to our menu is what sets Jay-j’s Chicken Inasal Restaurant apart for the rest. The very first branch is in Timog Avenue and was inaugurated on February 2004. Following the success of the first branch initiated a vision to expand, not only focusing on putting up branches within Metro Manila, but as well as to establish a distinguishing mark that signifies the exquisiteness of our local dishes across other countries. This then led to the first international branch of Jay-J’s Chicken Inasal which is located in Little Manila, Dubai that was inaugurated on September 2015. and Abu Dhabi on July 2016.


With a history of winning many awards, Jay-J’s Inasal is not only known for its grilled food but also for its wide variety of Filipino home-style dishes, from seafood, to poultry and even meat. Its recipes are derived from different regions all over the Philippines and includes the most popular dishes from all over the Pinoy land.
To get a true taste of the evolving Filipino flavors, dine at Jay-J’s Inasal that promises an experience loaded with the spirit of the Filipino fiesta. Its pioneering dish, Chicken Inasal which is popular in the western Visayas region has helped the restaurant receive several recognitions including the Sooo Pinoy award, (a national search for the ultimate Pinoy dish) for being one of the country’s best restaurants serving the dish in 2010. In 2011, the restaurant was awarded for being one of the best Bulalo restaurants in the Philippines for the same award.
Passed down generations, the recipes that Jay-J’s stands for today have been improved over the years, maintaining the secret methods of preparations at heart. What puts together the essence of this brand is its simple Filipino home-style cooking methods, with an ambience that is so close to home-like that you would instantly feel comforted and welcome. Added to this is their scrumptious inviting meals, that will not only please your appetite, but also your heart.